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Been a while since I've logged in. Was talking with a friend today and he must have googled one of my screen names, as he was able to dig up this channel. I listened to some of my old work, and although it was nice to hear some of it, it also spoke to my lack of experience. I think this is the spark I need to rekindle my love of music creation, though. I've been meaning to write lyrics and music for a project of mine, Synthetic Systemic Sect. So, I will probably upload some bits of it here, as well as on Sound Cloud. Stay tuned for more information.

I've uploaded an old tune a friend of mine and myself created. Hope you enjoy.

Today was pretty boring.

2008-02-19 18:04:57 by snowbuddy0

I had been feeling ill for the past few days, but yesterday I ended up throwing up a little and feeling terrible for the rest of the day. This morning, as opposed to going to school, I had to stay home. Most of my day was spent in bed, but I also made a new song. I was pretty happy with it.

Hollie is going to be gone until at least Friday, and she has to work Saturday and Sunday, so that's not so great, but I'll still talk to her on the phone.

I kind of wish Trevor would be online more, but I should probably be spending less time on the computer anyways.