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Entry #2

First time on Newgrounds in ages.

2012-04-16 01:26:27 by snowbuddy0

Been a while since I've logged in. Was talking with a friend today and he must have googled one of my screen names, as he was able to dig up this channel. I listened to some of my old work, and although it was nice to hear some of it, it also spoke to my lack of experience. I think this is the spark I need to rekindle my love of music creation, though. I've been meaning to write lyrics and music for a project of mine, Synthetic Systemic Sect. So, I will probably upload some bits of it here, as well as on Sound Cloud. Stay tuned for more information.

I've uploaded an old tune a friend of mine and myself created. Hope you enjoy.


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2012-04-16 07:02:56

Welcome back. Hope you stay for a while.